Choosing Your Wedding Flower Bouquets on a Budget

Catch that bouquet of flowers! It is always a thrill lining up in a pool of bachelorettes swarming to catch those bouquets thrown by the bride. Just being one of the guests can be just as exciting. Tradition says that anyone who catches the bouquet would be the next bride.

It is recommended that you choose a flower that is in season to save money and time. This will also ensure you do not have difficulty in obtaining your flowers. Keep in mind the theme and the color scheme of the wedding that you intend to use. It should compliment and blend well with the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses, the men’s attire and the embellishments that you will be using at the reception. By selecting neutral colors in your wedding it makes it easier to choose your flowers.

Flowers like Calla Lilies, Chrysanthemum Roses and Babies Breath are available all year round.

If possible take a photo or a page from a magazine to Market Harborough florist   show your florist so she is aware of exactly the style you are trying to achieve.

The cost of flowers can be outrageous. Below are some tips on how to substantially reduce these costs and still have a stunning floral arrangement.

Have a talk to your local supermarket to find out who their supplier is and ask their supplier to help source the in-season flowers in the color that you want. They would also be able to create your bouquets for the bridal party and buttonholes for the men. Alternatively you can get in contact with a wholesaler directly to purchase your flowers.

Do you have talent in crafts? Maybe you could do a short course in floral design and make your own stunning bouquets. You could then hire your services out to other upcoming brides to make their flower arrangements for them to earn some extra money.

If you don’t get too stressed and are happy to go with whatever is available (you will have some idea of what is in season), wait until the morning of your wedding day to buy your bouquet. Keep an eye on your local florists over time to see who does create stunning bouquets and you may be able to add your own touch with some colored ribbon. You may even be able to pick up a pretty bouquet from your local supermarket.

Silk flowers are another alternative to fresh flowers. You can mix silk flowers with fresh flowers or you may wish to purchase all silk wedding flowers. This allows for you to use flowers which would normally not be in season and you can enjoy the flowers for years to come. Bring out on special occasions like your wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

Native Bouquets can be quite unique and visually stunning and also make inspiring centerpieces.

There are a lot of options available with the color and style of flowers. If you cannot find what you are looking for at your local florist there are on-line florists available who will deliver your requirements.

Ask your guests to bring a long-stemmed flower and create a gorgeous bouquet just before your wedding and have a single long-stemmed flower for your bridesmaids with a ribbon tied.

There are numerous alternatives available so don’t be satisfied with anything other than the finest for you.

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