Kettering Great For Shopping and So Much More

Kettering – Northamptonshire is historically known for the making of shoes and boots. Today many people commute to work here mainly in the industry of service and distribution. Kettering is the largest growing community in England outside of London. It is easy to reach for just about everyone, as it is centrally located. In fact about seventy five percent of all of England can arrive to Kettering by car in within two hours.

One of Kettering’s most popular attractions is “Wick steed park”. There are many exciting rides for the daring, as well as rides for the little tikes, who are not necessarily looking for a thrill. They offer antique car shows reenactments, and also professional entertainment. As though that is not enough in it’s self, they also have a water park and camping accommodations. It is no surprise that they are offering lodging for sale in order that people may visit over and over again.  Kettering florist

Kettering’s town center offers enough shopping to keep anyone happy. There are many shops, both indoors and out. Many people travel to Kettering just to enjoy this shopping experience. Also in the town’s center they have a daily market which is very popular. Here you will find lots of flea market treasures, and if you come on a Wednesday, antiques.

Not very far from Kettering, in the town of Market Harborough you will find “Rockingham castle”. This amazing castle was built by “William the conqueror”, and has not been unoccupied in a thousand years. There is a family living in part of the castle today, but the rest is open to the public, There are numerous ongoing events taking place here. You will find antique fairs, Easter egg hunts, jousting and much, much more. There are also lovely gardens to be seen. This is not a place that you will want to miss.

Kettering is a quite progressive town, always moving toward making more available to it’s visitors. Kettering is a place you will want to see, especially if you like shopping.

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