Some Really Clever Ladders

vWhile to most people they may seem a very mundane and all too common tool, the ladder can be a very sophisticated equipment that has been designed for specific tasks or trades. Here are some really clever types of ladder and how they are employed.

Surveyors ladder – one of the most intelligent designs, the surveyors ladder is collapsible to a fraction of its original size which has obvious advantages. So called because it was designed for surveyors and those in construction to fit in the back of their car, a whole host of other trades find them useful.

Locksmiths often use surveyors as they rarely have t scale too high and their equipment needs means they don’t do not need a large van. Photographers often use these  Clever  handy collapsible tools too. Often to ensure a good picture cameramen have to gain some height and a surveyor’s ladder, which can be extracted and erected in seconds, is good method for somebody without a large vehicle.

Combination Ladder – these come in a variety of ingenious designs and combine the best design principles of other types.. Many combination ladders are part step-ladder, so self supporting and fold-able – but have extension and platform parts. They are often used for working at differing heights such as on a staircase where one leg is on a higher plane that the other.

Combination ladders come in various varieties and some can transform into a multitude of different shapes and heights – often for hard to reach areas they provide some sort of solution.

Step-ladder – Whilst the step-ladder lacks the sophisticated design of the combination or surveyor’s never-the-less, because of the sheer number of applications and uses, the stepladder is without doubt the most versatile.

Nearly every type of tradesperson will use a set of steps at some point and because they fold away they can be transported and stored easily. There true advantage though is that they are self supporting and have a platform to sit or place tools upon.

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