Will Managed Services Save Money For Your Business?

How does your business handle its web server hosting? Do you deal with it in-house? Most modern companies realize that it makes more sense to use managed services. However, some businesses are still trying to take care of it all on their own. This is usually because of a mistaken belief that handling their own web server hosting in-house is the most cost-effective option. It’s probably not. In fact, you can probably save a lot of money for your business by switching over to managed hosting.

The primary reason that you will save money when you switch over to managed hosting is because of the fact that you will save time. Working on making sure that your servers are up-to-date is a time-consuming task. Most businesses don’t even have people in-house with  Cloud Migration Services the best experience for the job. They take more time than should be necessary to deal with servers in-house. This takes away from the time that they could be using to do profitable work. When you use managed hosting, you save time. When you save time, you save money.

In addition to saving time in this way, you also save time that might otherwise be lost to computer downtime. If the people who are working on your servers in-house aren’t right at the top of their game, problems might occur. These problems can lead to your website going down. The longer that your website is down, the more potential business you are losing. This is especially true for ecommerce sites but can be true of all sites since they’re losing a primary form of advertising when their website goes down. A managed server company prevents downtime.

Furthermore, you save yourself a lot in terms of the security risks that you might face with web servers. You can lose a lot of money if the wrong people manage to hack into your computer system. You also risk damage or theft of your hardware when it is stored on site. Trying to replace data that is lost or stolen can be awful. Security risks tend to be much more threatening when you are dealing with your servers entirely in-house. Managed server companies are set up to make sure that the latest security measures are in place. Your information is safer when it’s stored off-site with a server company than it is when you’re handling it in-house.

Some businesses find that they don’t need fully managed services but that they would like some level of help from an outside company. Businesses that can handle some of the basic stuff on their own but who want the security of knowing that they’ve got IT assistance and up-to-date risk-prevention for their businesses may find that semi-managed hosting is a better option for them. This ultimately boils down to how you want to allocate your business resources. If you want in-house folks spending some of their time on IT work instead of on developing your business then you can go this route. If you want everyone in the company focusing on the most profitable endeavors for them then you might want fully managed hosting.

Managed services are something that you have to pay for. Many businesses feel like this is an added expense that they don’t want to take on. However, what you have to understand is that a smart choice about server hosting can actually save money for your business. Whether you select semi-managed hosting or fully managed hosting, you’ll find that there is a decrease in the amount of money that you’re wasting each month dealing with your servers.


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