Pizza Toppings Make a Delectable Pizza

How often all of us have ogled hungrily at the pizza due to its lavish choice of toppings? It’s true, that how well a pizza can fulfill your cravings depends on the quality of toppings used on it. The kind of toppings also defines the time included in preparing a pizza. They can make it a one-dish wonder or something that is barely consumable. A mouth watering pizza with tangy toppings coupled with a glass of wine like Chianti can be perfect dish for a rainy night. For the more vibrant, beer with pizza is a zestier dish.

The choice of pizza toppings can be as varied as the taste buds of the different family members.

The simplest toppings are tomato and cheese for young children who have not yet developed an appetite for the more delectable vegetables and meat. For those with a penchant for delectrician  consuming spicy meat containing pizzas, the ideal pizza toppings are sliced red chilli and chorizo cubes.

The variety of toppings that can be used on a pizza is simply endless, but too many toppings can intrude with each other and ruin the taste of pizza altogether.

If you are a meat-eater and nothing soothes your taste-buds which does not have a dose of meat in it, then ham can be on your pizza. Eggs can also be included along with ham on the pizza. The ham dissected into thin stripes should be placed on the pizza once the pizza sauce has been uniformly applied. As far as the egg topping is concerned, it has to be fried and placed in the middle of the pizza.

Seafood can also be a delectable addition to your pizza with choices like prawns, tunas and anchovies. Cooked chicken pieces can be another favorite for a mouth-watering pizza. Mozzarella layers can be sprinkled with sliced tomatoes and basil leaves for a vegetarian potpourri. Basil can be grown in the house for the purpose of adding it to a pizza, but if you want to save such efforts, then grown basil leaves can be procured from stores. Black jalapeno is also making the rounds these days as the most wanted choice for pizza toppings. Sweet pepper dews and jalapeno available in the market included in jars are a must for those who have a taste for fresh vegetables toppings on the pizza. Pesto also purchased in a jar from the supermarket store can also be added to the pizza to make it taste great. And how can one forget mushrooms, perhaps the most prevalent form of pizza toppings used in almost all the countries. Sliced mushrooms are used in an Italian pizza variety called the Pizza Quattro Stagioni for a refreshing taste.

Pizza marinara, a quintessential Italian variety of pizza comes loaded with prawns and tuna. One can be more experimental and garnish it with mussels and squid, and cover the feisty meat selection with slices of mozzarella.

Olive oil is also used as a very common pizza topping and every kind of pizza is sprinkled with few drops of olive oil before it is baked in the oven.

But one should bear in mind the fact that overdoing the toppings can leave the base uncooked in the oven. Also, a pizza with a glut of meat on it looks rather unkempt, so try to have only two or three toppings with a tomato and cheese pizza. Remember, keep the toppings to a moderate amount on your pizza and the results will surely be appetizing for everyone.



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